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04 January 2013 @ 01:04 am
Title: she's thunderstorms
Pairing(s): Mark/Eduardo
Rating: R
Warnings: Internalized homophobia, sexism, sex with dubious consent, gender identity crisis, non-linear timeline?
Word Count: 5,300~
Summary: Having sex with a guy turns Eduardo into a girl. It's complicated.
Author's Notes: Oh God, I am so sorry that this is late. I tried to write a fic that was tailored to your prompts, but I don't know how well I did. I am extremely sorry for the lack of actual porn. Ahead lies genderswap of the weird variety, boys with feelings, girls with feelings, nakedness, Sean Parker being a douchebag and other things. Happy holidays, Julia :)

Thank you so fucking much to hold_onhope for beta-ing and for helping me hash out all the complicated details. Deer, you are a LIFESAVER and this fic would have been in shambles without you ♥ Title from the Arctic Monkeys song.

Thanks also to widows for helping out at the start, even though the fic ended up being completely different.

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03 October 2012 @ 09:02 pm
Title: My Heart With You
Summary: Jesse and Andrew first meet when Jesse is 6, and Andrew is 30. Time cannot hold Andrew steady, but somehow, they find their way to each other. A Time Traveller's Wife AU.
Pairing: Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield (TSN RPF)
Warnings: Mentions of depression and self-harm. Descriptions and discussions of attempted suicide.
Word Count: ~19000
Notes: You guys have no idea how nerve-wracking it is to be posting after moogle62. Anyway. This is my first Big Bang and by far the longest fic I've ever written. (I know 19K isn't much, considering the ridiculousness of this fandom, but it's a milestone for me.) Thank you to serenatechair for feedback, the gorgeous art and the fanmix! It was awesome working with you :D Thank also to my beta, roofpizza, who was lightning-fast and very accommodating. And to happymaybe for looking over the very first draft and not telling me to junk it :) ♥ Any mistakes in this are definitely all mine. Title is from a song by The Rescues.

This fic was originally an Andrew/Jesse fic, and then I wrote it as a Mark/Eduardo fic, and then rewrote it back to how it is now. There's still a Mark/Eduardo draft in my laptop with a very different storyline and much more complicated timeline, which is why I decided to give it up (it may show up someday, still). Timelines are annoying. Please feel free to point out any dates and ages that may seem weird.

Lots of love and thanks to the people who mod-ed this Big Bang! The outpouring of quality fic and art from this fandom, even after two years, astounds me. I love everyone in this bar!

Art + fanmix! Go go go! by serenatechair

On to the fic!

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08 January 2012 @ 03:22 pm
Title: lay me down to sleep
Author: irrelephance
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo
Summary: Mark wants to go to sleep, but Eduardo's on his bed.
Word count: ~1100 words.
Notes: Fluff! All the fluff! Written for the tsn-a-thon. Team Winklevoss ♥

It’s almost 2 AM and the dorm room is deathly quiet, save for the rapid-fire tapping of Mark’s hands on the keyboard.Collapse )
30 December 2011 @ 08:29 am
Title: winters have come and gone
Author: irrelephance
Receipient: celestialteap0t
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo
Warnings: Uhh, non-linear plot?
Summary: Mark and Eduardo find Narnia in a closet.
Notes: This is a sort-of Narnia AU. celestialteap0t, you said you loved AUs, so I hope you like this :) Aaaand thank you to Zero for beta-ing and hand-holding :D ♥

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31 August 2011 @ 10:23 pm

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